Meditation Teacher, Spiritual Counsellor, Wellness Consultant and Interspecies Communicator.


The practices and content that I share are designed to develop your inner life and your intuitive awareness by embracing a calm-centred reality that is in harmony with your true soul nature, and with Nature Herself.

Jenni Madison 

I trained as a Meditation Teacher and Spiritual Counsellor with Ananda School of Yoga and Meditation, based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda.  I am a nature lover, creative writer, long-time devotional meditator, yoga teacher, spiritual coach and Kriya Yoga practitioner.​​

I completed my certification as an Interspecies Intuitive Communicator, with Animal Talk Africa and trained out in the field with Anna Breytenbach of AnimalSpirit, as my spiritual journey and passion for exploring consciousness have expanded into communication between humans and the natural world. 

If you would like to connect to your soul nature, feel a deep sense of inner peace, expanded awareness and a clearer perspective of the greater purpose of life, please join me for a consultation, one of my online programs or in-person classes.

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