Jenni's work revolves around cultivating inner harmony, intuitive awareness, and a deepened connection with one's true nature.

A seasoned entrepreneur and dedicated explorer of consciousness and meditation for self-healing, inner exploration, connection and rejuvenation. With an understanding of living in harmony with the body and with Nature, she holds certifications in meditation and yoga wellness, spiritual counselling and interspecies communication with Animaltalk Africa, complemented by practical training in the heartlands of Botswana and South Africa.

Jenni's journey is marked by a commitment to our innate connection with nature and all life. As a seasoned entrepreneur, she has successfully launched ventures that reflect her passion for holistic well-being. The Divine Way is an online platform committed to providing diverse learning opportunities and information to enrich people's health, natural and spiritual well-being.  

Jenni is also the founder of Lion Heart Workshops and the organic, fair-trade food company, Coconut Magic (sold in 2021). Through these ventures, she has shared her extensive knowledge of fasting for wellness, organic food living, the raw food lifestyle, and living in attunment with animals and nature. Jenni is also the published author of "The Healthy Coconut: Your Complete Guide to the Ultimate Superfood" (2016), further solidifying her expertise in holistic living.

Through her practices and teachings, Jenni invites individuals to embrace a calm-centred reality that resonates with their true nature and the interconnected divine power and beauty of all life.

As you engage with Jenni's offerings, you'll find yourself on a path of self-discovery and empowerment. Her expertise and compassionate guidance create a space where you can explore the depths of your inner world, leading to a profound transformation that resonates in every aspect of your life.

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