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Communicating with Beloved Animals in the Spirit Realm

The loss of a cherished animal companion can be a deeply emotional and challenging experience. For many, the desire to maintain a connection with a beloved pet doesn't end with their physical departure. This article explores the concept of communicating with animals who have passed away and are known to exist in the spirit world, offering insights into various approaches that may provide solace and a sense of continued connection.

It was the loss of my beloved dog Mocha, of 13 years, that blessed me with the awareness of true animal communication. Before this experience, I was the first to say "Communicating with animals, that's ridiculous!"  This experience opened up a whole new world of connection, love, truth and depth of awareness for me and etched my consciousness into knowing one thing for sure, that it is all about love and that consciousness never dies.

Understanding the Spirit Realm:

In various spiritual and metaphysical traditions, it is accepted that the spirit realm is a dimension where the essence of living beings continues after physical death. This perspective posits that animals, much like humans, continue to exist in their spiritual bodies beyond their earthly incarnate lives. Communicating with them involves tapping into this ethereal realm through intention, awareness, energy alignment, and an open heart.

Staying Open Through The Grief 

The morning after Mocha had left her body, I was consumed with grief. My husband trying to help, asked our mutual friend to come and play some sound healing bowls for me. Our friend came and as I relaxed into the sounds I fell into a very deep space of awareness that allowed me to not only feel her presence everywhere but to also hear her communication and divine messages of wisdom, love and peace. Alas, a whole new kind of relationship opened up for us. She appeared to me and communicated with me in dreams, visions, intuitive insights, cloudscapes and shamanic journey experiences.

Methods for Communicating with Departed Animals:

  1. Meditation and Visualization: Engaging in meditation allows individuals to quiet their minds, creating a receptive state for communication. Visualization techniques involve mentally connecting with the spirit of the departed animal, envisioning them in a peaceful and loving setting. This method can help establish a mental and emotional link. The deep relaxation that meditation brings also helps you to open your heart and mind, making you receptive to receiving the wisdom and subtle messages of your animal.

  2. Dream Communication: Dreams are often considered a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms. Before drifting off to sleep, set the intention to connect with your departed animal. Ask him or her to come to you in your dreams. I can promise you from my own experience that this works. The experience of the dream is more like a visitation. You just know that they made it through to see you, and your emotions are instantly healed. Furthermore, paying attention to dreams that feature animals and interpreting the symbolic messages therein can provide a sense of comfort and deeper learning about yourself.

  3. Energy and Intuition: It is known that all of this Universe is made up of energy, all matter at its essence is a vibration of sub-atomic particles that behave as waves of energy, essentially we are all made of the same 'substance' energy, and with practice, we can attune our awareness to these various vibrations and perceive deeper, non-physical or 'apparent' realities. Here, intuition becomes a means of communication. Focusing with a calm heart on the memories and feelings associated with the departed animal can help us attune to their eternal living consciousness, sense their presence and receive their subtle messages.

  4. Use of Animal Communicators and Mediums: Some individuals seek the assistance of animal communicators or mediums who have learned to connect and communicate with animals both incarnate or in spirit. The process of communication is the same as the direct, intuitive exchange that takes place in the field of energy. These professionals may facilitate communication by acting as intermediaries, relaying messages from the spirit world to those seeking contact.

  5. Create a Sacred Space: Establishing a dedicated space for remembrance and connection can be a powerful way to communicate with departed animals. This might include creating an altar, displaying photos, or simply spending time in nature reflecting on the bond shared.

I did all of the above and this helped the waves of unbearable grief to transform into learning, growth, love and connection, making way for ongoing communication and inner peace. Keeping the heart space open in the presence of emotional pain, is helpful for all as it invites the experience of our connection and oneness with all life which transcends physical boundaries.

Respecting Boundaries and Acceptance:

While attempting to communicate with departed animals can be a healing and comforting process, it's essential to approach the experience with an open heart and a sense of acceptance. The form of communication may vary for each individual, and not everyone may experience direct or explicit messages. Respecting the realities of the spirit world and acknowledging the uniqueness of the bond shared can contribute to a more meaningful and fulfilling connection.

The desire to communicate with animals in the spirit world reflects the profound impact these companions have on our lives. Whether through meditation, dreams, energy work, or the assistance of an animal communicator the various approaches to connecting with departed animals offer solace and the possibility of continued spiritual communion. The key lies in maintaining an open heart, embracing the memories, and finding peace in the belief that love transcends the boundaries between this world and the next.


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