The Power of Calm

animal communication developing intuition developing resilience divine union harmony with all life inner strength the power of calm Feb 27, 2024

Cultivating Inner Calm for Harmony, Connection and Resilience

Have you noticed how much easier it is to navigate through life's challenges when you are feeling calm?

Truly, no matter how stormy the emotional waters might be, staying grounded, and calming the heart's feelings is not only possible but essential. Picture yourself navigating choppy waters: the ability to steady your emotional ship can be the difference between reaching the shores of tranquillity and peace or being engulfed by the waves.  

Reacting impulsively, lashing out, or making decisions under the influence of strong emotions can lead to a sea of regrets. Cultivating inner calm becomes a compass, an inner compass of intuition that helps to guide you through the unpredictable, always-changing currents of life. 

Our intelligent intuitive feelings speak to us through our heart centre, so if we want to understand what they are saying, we must calm the waters of the heart.

Watching your natural breathing rhythm is a simple tool to instantly calm your heart centre. Once the heart is calm, so is the mind, and vice versa. Watch this video for a few simple tips on how to observe your natural breathing rhythm.

Self-awareness and observation are also enhanced by cultivating inner calm, and equally essential in being able to listen to the deeper aspect of your being, your higher mind and intuition.

When it comes to connecting with our non-human animal friends a calm heart and still mind nurture trust, empathy and a shared presence. This guided practice is created to facilitate this space of shared awareness. Animal Communication - Guided Meditation. 

Join me (in this 12-minute video) as we explore the world of intuition and discover your potential for heightened awareness and deeper spiritual insight.  

Video: The Power of Intuition

Live Animal Communication Training

I've had several requests to offer a payment plan option for this course, and so here it is! It is an eight-week course now available with two payments over the two-month course duration. Click here for more information.

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