What is Intuition and are you Tuned In?

develop intuition divine intuition how to trust your inner guidance intuitive communication learn meditation what is intuition Jun 16, 2022

Intuition is our ability to receive information beyond and independent of the reasoning and logical mind. It is a powerful sense of perception guiding us all the time to truth, higher wisdom, connection and direct knowing. If it is real, it is not the right question. The question is, are you listening? 

What prevents us from listening to and tuning into the frequency of the 'higher' mind of intuition is the 'lower' personal mind. The personal mind is made up of our personal preferences, likes and dislikes, judgements, conditioning, past experiences, and limiting beliefs. It seems to be chatting to us with its opinions and commentary and can often interfere with reality and deep intuitive communication or connection.

You see, intuition belongs to the subtler realms of consciousness. It won't yell and scream over and above the incessant noise of the lower mind. It demands your focus and attention so that you can receive it with clarity and trust.

Regular meditation practice is a great place to start developing your intuition. Meditation is a practice for focusing the mind toward one point of consciousness. It doesn't stop the incessant chatter of the personal mind, but it teaches and trains us to relax into a space of witness consciousness, to observe and let go. The kind of meditation that I teach and practise aligns that point of focus with the third eye centre, the centre for intuition.

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