Why People Don't Meditate

beyond the ego mind find your inner stillness know your true nature learn meditation master your personal mind what is meditation Feb 01, 2023

Most people already know the benefits of meditation, you may have even experienced them for yourself, when you meditated.

The peace, inner stillness, clarity, calm, spontaneous feelings of joy and feeling attuned to nature, might reflect a few pleasant experiences or memories. 

So why did you stop? Or for those who have never done it before, why not?

It is true, in some cases meditation is inappropriate. Those with serious mental health issues may need to take precautions, but for the majority, it can and does only bring enormous benefits.

Here are some of the common excuses that I often hear floating about:

 - I'm too busy to meditate

- I don't have time

- I don't really need it I have other things to do 

- I can't do it I have too many thoughts going on in my mind, it just won't stop

- It's boring to sit and do nothing

- My time in the garden is my meditation (yes that is an excuse too!)

If any of these reasons 'ring familiar' for you then you are letting a voice in your head hold you back from a truly beneficial, healing and health-promoting practice and experience. Just as when the body is unwell, you will take care of it with medicine, the mind also needs this kind of care and medicine in order to reach its full potential.

The personal (lower) mind does like to keep very busy and preoccupied, it doesn't like to meditate. It, therefore, likes to keep you busy and distracted so it can survive. It will even tell try to tell you lies if you will listen to it!

Born out of fear and separate by nature it is afraid that if you go deep into meditation, and rediscover your true divinity, it will be sent away forever, forgotten, ignored, and lost in the abyss of your peace, calm, intuitive perception and total wellness.

Well, it is kind of true, isn't it?

Meditation does take you beyond your habitual, conditioned thinking mind and the limited conception of your personal self into the power of your true divine nature which is your whole, eternal and blissful spirit self. 

You are the eternal observer, the spirit the soul. You are supposed to be the master of your mind and not the other way around. 

In joy and freedom, 

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