The Path of Intuition

Learn to recognise and trust your inner guidance, with confidence and clarity.

Master intuition and make it an integral part of your life's path. 

Learn to listen to and trust your inner guidance so that you can create and connect from a place of heart-centred innate divinity.

These classes will help you relax into your natural intuitive flow and communication.

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The Path of Intuition online course. 

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What's Inside The Path of Intuition Online Course

Week 1 - Tune in to Intuitive Guidance

What is intuition? Why is it so helpful and how do we reawaken this innate ability? In this session, we look more closely at ways of obtaining intuitive information, and how we can tune into the voice of our Higher Nature or soul.

Week 2 - Learn to Trust Your Inner Voice

Intuitive information comes to us in a variety of ways. Here we will be looking into several of these in more depth. In the calm-centred space, we transcend the thinking mind and learn to open up to the subtle frequency of true guidance.

Week 3 - Recognise True and False Guidance

Learn the language of intuition, and how to practice the art of detachment to invite clarity and truth. Calm your inner feelings to dissolve false guidance and invite direct knowing, perception and truth.  Let Mother Nature be your guide.

Week 4 - Walking the Path of Divine Intuition

In this final session, we will explore more ways to strengthen your intuition so you continue to use it confidently in your daily life. Explore lifestyle tools to fine-tune your ability and confidence in consistently trusting your Soul nature.

Community and Online Support

Each week new discussion topics will be posted and shared where course members can engage and learn together. There will also be guided practices and teacher support. Members can interact as much as they choose to and there will be an opportunity to continue.

Guided Meditations for Developing Intuition

The quieter and more focused the mind, the clearer the intuition. Our inner compass is a gift, a guide that will show us the right way. But we must listen! Meditation is how we practice the art of listening to that divine voice from within.

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Listen to the voice of your soul and act in accordance with your highest potential on the path of divine intuition, wisdom and service. 

The Universe that we live in is a sea of vibratory energy. Everything is interconnected and in communication.

You are a part of the whole, the divine plan and your Higher Self is waiting for you to tune into the voice of your soul, your direct knowing, and to act on your inner guidance.

Are you asking your Higher Mind for assistance in finding solutions to your life's challenges?

Are you feeling calm, connected and centred amidst a world of seeming chaos?

Are you in relationship with the natural world?

Clarity, connection, harmony and right living is your True Nature. Going within is where you find the path of direct knowing, intuitive wisdom and a clear experience of the Universal reality. 

This course is for you if

  • You want to attune yourself to divine guidance.
  • You want to experience clarity and inner peace and¬†practice the tools that will help you to do this.¬†
  • You want to remember your inner power and innate ability to know the direct truth.
  • You want to make better decisions, guided by your higher intuitive mind in a way that is in harmony with your reasoning mind.
  • You want to know and experience a broader perspective, a deeper more loving and compassionate view of reality.
  • You want to enjoy and share with a community of intuitive friends and truth seekers.
  • You just have a knowing that connecting with your inner guidance is the true path in life.
  • You want to feel more connected to the soul vibrations of other beings, both human and non-human.
  • You want to feel more connected to the subtle vibrations and the voice of your own soul.

What's included

  • Each weekly module includes pre-recorded¬†video learning content and practices.¬†
  • Three downloadable guided meditations to find your inner calm and centre and attune to your intuition.
  • Practices to synchronise your mind and heart for inner awakening and clarity.
  • Community and class forum for organised weekly discussions, questions and helpful learning interactions.
  • A downloadable workbook with¬†practices that will guide you inward toward a state of deep listening.
  • Online one-on-one support to ask questions engage in helpful discussion and interact with other members.¬†
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The Path of Intuition

A practical and experiential online course for developing and awakening your intuitive higher nature.  

Learn to listen to and trust your inner guidance so that you can create and connect from a place of heart-centred innate divinity.

This is a four-week program with new module content, live webinars, guided practices and community forum discussions released each week. 

Cost $95.00 AUD

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Jenni Madison

Meditation teacher and spiritual mentor.

Jenni's passion is inner exploration, intuitive communication, and deep, insightful inner work. Her light-hearted approach to spirituality, nature connection, health and well-being gives this deep subject a playful twist. Jenni will skillfully guide you on your journey to inner calm, direct knowing, transformation and a meaningful way toward the Divine. 

Divine intuition is the subtle voice within that is calling for your attention. Are you ready to listen?  

  • Elevate your mind and awareness to a space of direct knowing.
  • Insights and guidance for stilling your mind through meditation.
  • Practices to synchronise your mind and heart for awakening inner calm, clarity and intuition.
  • Inspiration on how intuition can change your life and how to develop your natural innate abilities.
  • Practices that will guide you inward toward a state of deep listening.
  • Lessons and dialogue to help bring you into a state of physical calm and dynamic surrender. States that will further assist with your mental focus, calm, and recognise your intuitive voice.
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