Soulful Awakening

Master your inner world and become a channel for higher consciousness.

Exploring the depths of your inner life.

Learn how to master your inner world of thoughts, mind, emotions and energies to feel aware, calm and on purpose, in this private online mentoring program.

Nature, both within and without, is always reflecting to us the power of authenticity and being who we are. As a divine mirror, she is trying to direct us home, home to our inner peace and boundless loving Self. We all have an inner calling and a higher way of being in this world. The purpose of this training is to listen to that call, journey deeper into your true nature and become an instrument for the divine.

This customised private training is designed for people who would like to dance to the unique rhythm of their soul.  It consists of eight private training hours with Jenni. The eight hours are spread out in 8 x 1-hour increments over eight weeks. Space in between the lessons allows time for integration and deeper attunement to the practices learned.

Learn in a one-on-one setting and practice the skills, tools and techniques of centring yourself and attuning to higher states of consciousness.  

Soulful Awakening is an invitation to embrace the whispers of your soul and listen to the sacred rhythms that vibrate within. Discover the richness of your inner world and awaken to your true divine nature. Embrace the transformative power of self-awareness and embark on a path toward a more enriched and meaningful existence.

Training is designed to be enjoyable and heart-centred, respecting Nature, Spirit and the journey you, are on. This is a solid and experiential training journey for anyone who wants to embody the sacred space of their True Spiritual Nature.

What's Inside the Soulful Awakening  Mentoring Program

Week 1- Self Inquiry -Look Inside

The journey begins with cultivating self-awareness and knowledge of your true nature. We look into where you are now, and where you would like to be. We pave the path of clarity, creativity, inspiration and liberation moving forward. 

Week 2 - Journey Deeper 

Connecting with your inner truth. Mind, intuition and meditation. By learning to find a sense of peace and stillness within we lay the foundation for understanding the layers of mind and consciousness, and explore the nature of what may lie beyond.

Week 3 - Awakening Soul Wisdom

Through the release of judgements, insecurities and conditioned habit patterns, you strengthen your connection to your intuition allowing love to shine through and the divine to lead the way.

Week 4 - Raising Your Vibrations

Recognising and witnessing the shadow self as it emerges allows you to lean back and let go. This creates space for more inner peace allowing the loving vibrations to flow in attunment with your inner wisdom and unique creative expression. 

Week 5 - Power is in Letting Go

Knowing your true nature and coming to understand the profound relationship between mind and consciousness, and how to nurture the powerful gift of free will on this journey of growth and evolution.

Week 6 -Embracing Higher Consciousness

When your mind is right and open, your spirit can flow and you create harmony from within yourself, your relationships and with Nature herself. Here we explore the moment-to-moment ongoing nature of self-awareness and spiritual awakening.

Week 7 - Integration and Cultivating Your Divine Mind

Your inner conversation and thoughts create your life experience. Here we cultivate your relationship with your higher Self so that you are now guided from a place of insight, clarity and truth.

Week 8 - The Soul Illuminated

Finding unconditional joy within the divine play, celebrating love, oneness and unity consciousness. Here we embrace the ongoing nature of self-awareness and self-healing and how to be your best self within the nature of life and all of its ebb and flows.

Every Week

Make meditation and trusting your inner guidance a way of life. You will receive personalised guidance and spiritual coaching, that includes meditation and pranayama techniques, as well as take-home lifestyle practices to integrate into your daily life. 

This private one-on-one mentorship moves at your pace with 100% individualized attention and direct experience. 

The Inner Life

Connecting with your innermost conscious self.

Embark on a transformative journey with me as your guide, where I extend an invitation towards a calmer, more inner-reflective, healthier, and happier lifestyle. Through personalized sessions and thoughtfully crafted online programs, I share tools and practices designed to harness intuition, self-transformation, and deep nature connection. These teachings inspire joyful living and superconscious solutions for life's inevitable challenges.

My approach invites you to experience your inner life, with introspection, devotion, and meditation as the foundational elements of divine well-being. You'll discover how cultivating inner peace, calm, connection, and clarity can naturally replace anxiety, stress, and confusion. The emphasis is on creating a harmonious relationship with your inner self, leading to a more balanced, fulfilling and soulful way of life.

This transformative environment allows you to tap into your inner stillness and intuition, guiding you to live a more inner-directed life. My sessions and programs are not just about momentary relief; they invite you to embark on a lifetime journey towards soul freedom, total well-being and spiritual growth.

Do you have questions about the training?

This live training does dive in deep. If you are interested but not sure if it is the right fit for you, we can schedule a Zoom call to chat about it. Allow about 20 minutes or so for the free inquiry call.

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Soulful Awakening Workbook

The 8-week personal coaching journey includes a comprehensive workbook that serves as a guide throughout the program. This workbook covers the content and practices systematically shared each week.

Each section is carefully crafted to deepen your understanding of the insights received and integrate them into your lifestyle.

Whether it's exercises, meditative practices, reflection prompts, or supplementary materials, the workbook is designed to support you in applying what you have learned in practical ways. This ensures that the transformational journey is not only insightful but also actionable, leading to meaningful growth and development.

Soulful Awakening   

Master your thoughts, mind and inner world by transforming your shadows into light. Experience and express your liberated and creative self.

This is a practical and experiential one-to-one training program that is a guided journey toward the inner workings of spiritual realisation and inner divine communion.

This is an eight-session private coaching program with a comprehensive workbook, private classes, guided practices and direct coaching given with each session.

Classes are scheduled at the time of registration and conducted via Zoom.

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What Clients are Saying

Debbie Chu

This beautiful course offered by Jenni Madison invited me, for me, just what it says, soulful awakening.

Jenni's deeply knowledgeable teaching is well-structured and clear. The resources provided are generous extensive and supportive. But more than that is Jenni herself. In every session, Jenni is so fully and sincerely present. She listens and talks with great care and heart. Jenni's interest and kindness never wavered, even if my propensity to talk took us over time.

Soulful Awakening was not a course that insisted on a singular path. Rather, Jenni provides illumination on the shared core wisdom of different spiritual traditions. Her approach allowed my own particular way towards soulful awakening to emerge. She gently encouraged my understanding and helped me grow a sweeter clarity through insightful discussion and meditative practice. Jenni also offered a number of simple spiritual practices that I found really helpful. Studying this course with jenni was like sharing a walk with a good and wise friend. 

Thank you Jenni


This unique 8-week private training teaches...

      • Increased Self-Awareness:¬†Gain a deeper understanding of yourself,¬†your emotions, thoughts, and motivations through meditation, self-reflection exercises and practices.

      • Healthier¬†Emotional Well-Being:¬†There is a power in letting go, through the synchronisation of your heart's deeper wisdom and¬†vibrational attunement¬†you will find your true peaceful and joyful nature, develop resilience, and cultivate a healthy positive mindset.

      • Enhanced Spiritual Connection:¬†This course facilitates spiritual growth, and a stronger connection with a higher power, and your spiritual path.

      • Know¬†Your True Self: Dance to your inner rhythm, the song of your soul. Find freedom and peace on the inside.¬†Discover the richness¬†of your inner¬†world and awaken to your true divine nature.¬†

      • Clarity of Purpose:¬†Gain insights into¬†your spiritual well-being, and life purpose and develop goals leading to a clearer sense of creative direction and overall happiness.

      • Deepen Your Connection with Nature: Increased self-awareness, higher intuitive perception, and an understanding of the divine nature in all life are your natural inner guidance systems toward a¬†more fulfilling connected and harmonious relationship with the natural world.¬†

      • Be Here Now:¬†Shift your awareness¬†beyond the noise of¬†your mind, the pull of your physical senses and past conditioning, and into the stillness that is eternally present deep within.

The practices throughout the training will invite you to…

      • Quiet your beautiful mind and¬†listen to the¬†voice of your soul, your¬†innate intuition.

      • ¬†Attune to the vibrations of your intrinsic nature,¬†the unlimited powers of your Higher Self, love compassion and¬†eternal wisdom.

      • ¬†Lean back into witness consciousness to¬†know, love and accept all parts of yourself.

      • Experience the lasting transformation that will allow you to cultivate and embrace a life with deep purpose and inner harmony.
      • Cleanse your inner channel so to become an instrument for the divine.

Furthermore, you will learn how to… 

    • Find harmony and synchronisation in mind and heart.

    • Experience love as an expression of your true nature.

    • Reconnect with the dance of your inner divine.

    • Have a deeper connection with yourself, others and nature.

    • Harness your unique gifts to benefit yourself and others.

    • Align your energy centres and move energy inward and upward.

    • Awaken and honour your inner knowing, your soul's divine guidance system.

    • Peacefully and powerfully¬†shift your identity to align with your¬†true nature.

Soulful Awakening

Master your thoughts, mind and inner world by transforming your shadows into light. Experience and express your liberated and creative self.

This is a practical and experiential one-to-one training program that is a guided journey toward the inner workings of spiritual realisation and inner divine communion.

This is an eight-session private coaching program with a comprehensive workbook, private classes, guided practices and direct coaching given with each session.

Classes are scheduled at the time of registration and conducted via Zoom.

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Jenni Madison
Jenni lives in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland with her animal family, surrounding farm animals, forests and wildlife. Her work is focused on developing open receptivity through meditation and practices that cultivate inner calm, higher awareness, and an intuitive connection with the natural world and the divine in all. She is a seasoned entrepreneur and dedicated explorer of consciousness for self-healing, inner exploration, nature connection and rejuvenation. With an understanding of living in harmony with the body and with Nature, Jenni holds certifications in meditation and yoga wellness, spiritual counselling and interspecies communication with AnimalTalk Africa, complemented by practical training in the heartlands of India, Botswana and South Africa.
Jenni is the founder of fair-trade organic food company Coconut Magic, and the online training platform Lion Heart Workshops. She continues to offer her services in meditation, spiritual guidance and wellness practices.