Guided Meditations 


I am delighted to offer you free access to a collection of guided meditations, each inspired to support your well-being. Whether for healing, cultivating awareness, or exploring creative visualizations that guide you towards your inner truth, these sessions aim to reignite your inner living wisdom and strengthen your self-awareness. Join me on this journey back to your Heart and Soul, and may you find peace, joy, and profound insight along the way.

The Inner-Life

Explore and experience these free guided meditations to help you find your inner calm, wisdom and clarity. Feel nourished, experience deep inner peace and enhance your intuition. Enjoy life with less anxiety, better health and more joy. 

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Connect with Nature

15-minute guided meditation.

Connect With Nature Guided Meditation. Experience Harmony, Unity and Natural Creativity. To deeply connect with nature is to open your heart space, communicate and connect with all life. This 15-minute guided meditation will take you into the depths of the earth and shift your frequency to connect with her. Experience harmony, oneness and your creative centre with life itself. Meditation for connection will reduce anxiety, and improve sleep and overall wellbeing as you rediscover your true nature as an intricate part of the whole. Relax and enjoy.

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Transforming Shadows into Light

20-minute guided meditation.

Transcending and transforming your shadow nature is the path to discovering your inner light within. The one thing that is preventing you from feeling an unconditional state of inner joy, peace and well-being is your inner shadow. Enjoy this guided meditation and allow it to liberate your being so you can embrace more of your true divine nature, feel liberated and innately joyful, grounded in the present, free from the past and enthusiastic for the future.  

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Beyond Anxiety

5-minute guided breathing and meditation practice.

In this short guided breathing and meditation practice, I guide you inward to detach from your thoughts and feelings and experience witness consciousness. By observing your inner disturbance that is causing you anxiety or stress, you can dissolve the energies and allow your true nature of peace and calm to emerge. Practice this anytime you feel the need to centre yourself and then return to life's challenging demands.

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Develop Magnetism

16-minute guided meditation.

In this meditation, I guide you inward to explore your inner reality and develop the magnetic qualities that reside within. Your divine qualities are awaiting your attention so that they can be awakened. Develop creativity, charisma,  courage and a calm inner confidence that is attractive and inspirational.


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Breathe Inner Peace and Calm

15-minute guided meditation.

A guided meditation and breathing practice to connect you with your deep inner peace and calm. deep inside there is always a space of calm, centred, peaceful awareness. This guided practice will take you there, beyond the distractions and anxieties of the thinking mind.


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Increase Your Awareness

15-minute guided meditation.

This guided meditation will guide you to observe your thoughts, allowing you to increase awareness, inner calm and stillness. Here you will know your true nature, the Self that resides behind your thoughts. Practising observing your thoughts helps you to be in the present moment, centred in a true reality rather than getting caught up in the past or future mental thinking patterns which causes anxiety and inner disturbance. 



Intuitive Interspecies Communication


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Animal Communication 

25-minute guided meditation.

Connecting with your animal in this heart-centred and grounding meditation can be a profound experience. Embark on a transformative journey with this "Animal Communication Guided Meditation." ūüźĺ Immerse yourself in a serene experience designed to enhance your ability to connect with the animal kingdom. This meditation is a powerful tool for unlocking your awareness of the subtle energies that facilitate intuitive telepathic animal communication. Join me in this soothing session to deepen your understanding of the natural world and strengthen the bond between you and the animal kingdom.

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How Animals Communicate

Living wisdom presentation on the natural power of telepathy.

How animals communicate: The power of intuition and telepathy, the universal language of Nature. Have you ever wondered about the mysterious power of telepathy and intuition and the profound connections we share with the animal kingdom? Join me, in this video, on a journey as we delve into the depths of animal communication, telepathy and the wonderful universal language that we all share. Communicating beyond words. Discover this natural innate ability within yourself and how to hone this natural skill.



Developing Intuition


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Trust Your Intuition

15-minute guided meditation.

Intuition is the most powerful gift that we all have. Our modern lifestyle however with its focus on thinking, reason and logic has shifted our focus toward a less creative and divinely inspired way of living. This guided meditation is designed to reignite your expanded states of awareness and attune you with your calm feeling, inner guide and knowing. 

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Unlocking Your Higher Mind

Living wisdom presentation on the levels of intuition.

Dive into the extraordinary world of intuition, discovering your potential for heightened awareness and deeper insight. Unlocking Your Higher Mind: Harnessing the Power of Intuition: In the journey of personal and spiritual development, integrating the power of intuition with human reason creates a harmonious synergy. By unlocking the potential of intuition and embracing its various forms, we can access profound insights, wisdom, and a higher understanding of our existence. Cultivate these practices to develop your higher mind and embark on a transformative journey toward clarity, purity, and enlightened service for the greater good.


Meditation is your gateway to a transformative journey of self-discovery and inner peace. In the realm of consciousness expansion, meditation serves as the key to unlocking the doors to your true nature. As your awareness broadens, you'll find yourself in harmony with the natural state of Inner Peace, Unity, and Wholeness.

This profound connection to All That Is brings a perpetual sense of fulfilment to your life. An expanded perspective makes everything more manageable and infuses joy into every aspect of your existence, beyond your wildest dreams. Through the practice of meditation, you can alleviate daily stress, overcome anxiety, heal past wounds, nurture your physical body, and fundamentally transform your life.

A regular meditation practice is a priceless tool, that is accessible to you at any moment, providing a gateway to a spaciousness that brings refreshment and profound insight into life. Scientific research has extensively documented the positive natural effects of meditation, offering unparalleled benefits for both physical and mental well-being. This holistic approach stands out, especially in comparison to modern medicine, as the majority of our physical and mental discomforts arise from fragmented states of consciousness, and the impacts of this kind of stress and disharmony on our body and mind.

In a world where there is no magic pill to alleviate all woes, meditation emerges as a powerful gift. It empowers you to harness the potential of your mind, and redirect it in positive and uplifting ways, or alternately, to let go of the mind altogether and harness your BEING PRESENT with the opportunity to heal and receive.

The Path of Intuition

Learn to trust your inner guidance with confidence and clarity.

A four-week online course that will help you master intuition and make it a part of your everyday lifestyle.

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Private sessions and programs are designed to elevate your mind and cultivate intuition so you can experience higher states of clarity and awareness.

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