Journey Deeper Meditation

Meditation develops creativity, focus, presence,  intuition, clarity and the ability to see things as they are, not through the lense of past conditioning or future projections.

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1: 1 Private Meditation 

In this 1:1 private class, you will learn a mantra technique with specific tools and breathing techniques to focus your mind one-pointedly at the seat of concentration, creativity and intuition, the spiritual eye. This style of practice will further enhance these faculties and you will enjoy a practice and experience that will uplift your consciousness and expand your depth of awareness.

Single Session $115

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Journey Deeper 

In this 4-session 1:1 private package, we will develop a sadhana (spiritual practice) that you will love. The lessons will engage your being so deeply into the true 'why' in your desire to know your inner stillness and remove any resistance to embracing and cultivating your inner power and true nature as Soul.  This four-part series includes spiritual insight healing, spiritual processes, meditation, mantra and centring energy work, and pranayama breathing practices. 

4 Session Package $395

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Soulful Awakening

In this 8-week immersion, you will learn to live from your intuitive Soul nature rather than the familiar programming of your conditioned mind. This process of elevation will empower you to become the master of your reality and to discover the depths, and powers of Divine consciousness within yourself. We work together to remove blocked and descending thought energy patterns, open your mind and heart, and create a new, more liberated you. 

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Cultivate inner peace, creativity, discipline, focus, clarity
and intuition with true meditation.

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Inner Stillness

It is from a place of inner stillness that we unlock our creativity, clarity, intuition and liberated innate wisdom.

For many the concept of inner stillness seems impossible, the mind is so restless and busy from the moment we wake up in the morning, right through to the moment we lay our head down to sleep.

This ongoing internal orchestra is a bundle of conditioned programs that continuously recreate the same confusion, drama, desires, patterns and painful feelings of disconnect. The busy mind, relentless by nature, keeps us distracted from a much deeper reality of truth, that is, our wholeness and oneness with the true Source of creation. 

Learning to meditate deeply, takes us beyond the veils and layers of built-up delusion and familiar restrictive patterns, into a vast space of possibility, creativity and quite often brand-new territory. A space where intuition, inspiration, wisdom and creativity are not only possible but unlimited.

The meditation techniques that I share with you are derived from the ancient teachings of Yoga, they form part of the Kriya Yoga lessons as passed down by Paramhansa Yogananda, and his lineage of Masters, as well as his direct disciple Swami Kriyananda.

The teachings are pure and powerful. And when asked recently by a friend if I had any regrets in life, my only one would be that I didn't discover this path and these teachings sooner. They are such a gift and blessing for us all.