Boundless Connection With The Natural World

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There is a beautiful greeting often used in the world of yoga - Namaste - which means "the divine in me salutes the divine in you."

This one-word summarises the truth and essence of our interconnectedness with all life. 

Trees, birds, cats, spiders, the moon, mountains and celestial beings are all a part of this Divine flow of creative intelligence, sentience, awareness, and cognitive perceptions.

It is this inner divine nature that inspires and creates our unique experience of life itself.

Mind, ego and intellect promote our five sensory, physical experiences of the outer world, but this is only a small part of our reality. Beyond these limitations is our innermost conscious self, our divine nature and inner multi-sensory perceptions.

These more than self-alone perceptions can be experienced and translated through the calm-centred feeling space of our intuition. You could say that this inner awareness and deep flow of intuitive feeling perception is the substratum of the divine dance that we call life.

Looking inside to the source of awareness and connection with other beings can be a deeply nourishing and awakening experience. Which now reminds me of this quote:

"He who looks outside dreams, he who looks inside awakens" - Carl Jung 

Intuition or "Inner-Tuition" is present whether we are aware of it or not. Since it is the substratum of life, and the definition of consciousness itself, it can manifest in various levels such as crude, developed or in its highest form, spiritual.

See this article Developing Your Higher Mind to learn more about how the different levels of intuition manifest.

Current worldly affairs are showing us our need to return to our higher states of awareness, our spiritual connection and respect for all sentient life. 

Learning the language of intuition, and telepathy can be a helpful skill to relate more deeply with our animal friends and receive universal wisdom that is grounded in a heart-centred reality, and embedded within the vibrations of love, empathy and unity.

You've heard me say this before. Your intuition and telepathic communication abilities are natural. It is just that we have become so enamoured by our 5-sensory physical perceptions that we have forgotten our native universal language of intuition.

To learn more about the process of telepathic animal communication, you might like my free eBook Boundless Connection - Tools and Practices to Enhance Your Ability to Communicate Telepathically with Animals.

Learning this beautiful language of telepathy is like an immersion into the magical beauty and divine connection with Nature and all of Her creatures. Many of my clients, and course participants will refer to the experience of developing their intuitive sense, nature connection, and animal communication skills, as a "coming home."

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