How to Connect with Nature

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All living organisms at their centre join by the One vibration—the primordial nature of creation. Connecting with nature is a state of heart and mind in coherence with the frequency of the innermost essence of all life. 

The frequency of life is within us all. It is not a gift for some. It is your true nature. So if we are all, in essence, from the same One, then it makes sense that we are interconnected and in constant sharing and communication with relative frequencies.

Our job is to keep our hearts open and our minds still so that the shared frequency is received, experienced and observed. An open heart invites honest, kind, compassionate and loving connections. 

Meditation helps you become more receptive, and it helps purify your mind! When you meditate you open your consciousness. Cleaning your mind allows you to better understand everything that surrounds you. By learning to silence the noises that disturb your development, you will also feel a connection with nature.

Guided Meditation:  Connect with Nature


The seeming separation occurs when the human mind misidentifies itself with the physical body's gross matter, or the mind's subtle matter, through the ego. All kinds of convoluted and delusional falsities may arise, resulting in a disconnect.

To connect with nature and all life means to drop into the heart and truth of your true nature and be. Be present without labels, names, judgements or analytics. Recognise yourself as part of the whole, not something separate, inferior or superior.

Recognise others, and all of nature, regardless of form, brain size, beliefs, or even behaviour, as part of that whole. 

When these truths are integrated within the intellect, you will feel connected to nature, experience direct knowing and appreciate the true beauty of the world we live in, even amongst the seeming madness.

You will also see yourself in everything and nature and realise a very deep connection and intuitive sharing.

During meditation, you let your mind clear all the information that is not important and that may be blocking you from new and great information. 

Guided Meditation: Trust Your Intuition

Meditation brings you closer to your true nature!


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