Is Intuitive Animal Communication For You?

animal communication interspecies communication intuitive communication learn animal communication Nov 06, 2023

Intuitive Animal Communication

For some of us, the idea of communicating with animals and the natural world is a part of normal everyday living. For others, it is a little out there, an intangible reality that can only be known by a few gifted intuitives or empaths.

The truth is that this is a completely natural skill, as old as the earth herself, and our ancestors who once lived here. It is available to all of us, should we decide to remember and reawaken our true nature.

Modern science refers to this as knowledge of the quantum field. Everything is made up of energy and transmits vibration, which thus explains the methodologies of energy and thought transference, known as telepathic communication.

Communicating in a language without words with the non-human world is an attunement of your consciousness. It is a fine-tuning of resonance and receptivity, a state of being open to receiving the vibrations of another's unique energy signature.

Have you ever asked someone how they are doing, and although they respond "Great thank you I am fine" you feel a very different energy transmission to the words being spoken? You are sensing their energy field, their communication beyond words.

Our human ego and sometimes intellect can stand in the way of pure communication as they have conditioned memories and identities to uphold. Nature, however, and animals have no such distortions in their communication. It is always their truth.

Learning intuitive animal communication is a journey of both the heart and the mind. It is a process of dropping into your calm feeling centre and being open and present to the natural flow of energetic communication between living beings. 

Everything in creation is vibration, including you and I, so it makes sense that when we foster that energetic connection, we are naturally in communication.

In a world where intellectual information and logical thinking have become the 'masters' of knowledge, we have forgotten our innate ability to know truth beyond limited perceptions. This has manifested as a loss of connection to the earth and our non-human brothers and sisters.

In response to several requests from my clients, I have developed a one-on-one live online training that offers a practical and experiential experience of intuitive communication with the animals and the natural world.

This is a live in-depth one-on-one practical and experiential training over a period of four or eight weeks. Click here to discover more about learning intuitive animal communication.

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