Magnetism Made Simple

develop intuition develop magnetism divine flow guided meditation magnetism meditation Feb 22, 2023

Magnetism is when you allow something greater than your small or limited self to flow through you.

That something greater is divine and it energizes your inner world through high vibrational thoughts and feelings, frequencies that are attuned to your higher or true spiritual nature. This deeper aspect of your being, the divine in you, is unlimited, eternal and ever-expansive.

Being magnetic is like being free from personal encumbrances and receiving a flow of energy that guides and directs your consciousness toward opportunities, realities and vibratory creations that are full of joy, beautiful and powerful.

People who are magnetic rarely go unnoticed, they are like shining beacons of light ready to serve, inspire and uplift others toward their own inner light.

This short guided meditation Develop Magnetism is designed to guide you into the qualities of magnetism so as to embody this gift more deeply within yourself. 

Some of the qualities of a magnetic person include: being open, approachable, honest and sincere, authentic, empathic, creative thinker, generous with time and energy, thoughtful and caring, calm, self-confident, and attractive due to being happy and centred in their true self. 

A magnetic person lights up a room and brings warmth to any situation.

When you allow the divine to work through you, there isn't anything that you cannot accomplish.

Divine flow is like a force for good,  a combination of willpower, inspiration and right action. 

This wisdom from the sages is a powerful statement and it continues:

The greater the will, the greater the flow of energy, and the greater the magnetism.

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