Meditation is Medicine for Your Mind and Soul

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This world has become quite a fast-paced environment. Our minds are subject to many distractions, constantly on the go and looking for the next piece of information or external entertainment. This way of life can not only end in feelings of unfulfillment it can also be damaging to our mental, physical and spiritual health. The idiom 'stop and smell the roses' has become more essential than ever! 

Taking time out each day to go within, to explore the depths of your being and innermost conscious self is a powerful way to transmute negativity and find a joy that has no dependency on anything external. This is a practice that we all know of and call meditation.

In Yoga, they say that meditation is the very thing that will remove all of the obstacles, weaknesses, problems, pains and sufferings from your system.  It is like medicine for your mind and soul, a practice that will purify the system, teaching the heart to be calm and the mind to be quiet. With this calm stillness, you can listen deeply, tap into your truth and become a divine channel for your highest self-expression, inner wisdom and true intuitive nature.

Sometimes, it can be challenging to commit to staying the course even when we know what is good for us. Quitting old habits and starting new ones requires a shift in neural brainwave patterns. Meditation can help us to do this in all areas of life. But we must continue to take our medicine properly for it to work.

Dr Hansaji ( a Supreme Yogi) shares that one common secret of all highly successful people is that they take time each morning, before starting their activities of the day, to be still, to meditate and spend time within their own sacred space.

If you would like to learn more I have created this Discover Meditation online course to further support your meditation journey.

These six modules cover all you need to know so as to learn how to relax, find stillness and meditate deeply, and most of all create a daily practice that works for you.

Come join me! 

Jenni xx

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