What is the Language of Animals?

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What is the Language of Animals?
Animals communicate in the universal language of telepathy, which is the language of energy. Telepathy is a transference of thoughts from one being to another without speech. We use our intuition to receive the incoming information and so once the energy is received it will be processed into the language of the receiver. In my case, that will be in English. This type of telepathic and intuitive communication naturally occurs from animal to animal, from animal to human and also from human to human. For humans, it is commonly experienced as that sense of knowing who is on the other end of the phone even before the phone is answered.

Telepathy is very much a part of the quantum world and therefore physical proximity is not necessary. Each being emits an energetic frequency which is made up of thought wave patterns and emotions. A domestic animal who has been taught certain commands in the language that is spoken in their home will have an understanding and familiarity of those words and that language, but they will not necessarily ‘think’ in that language. Animals and nature rest more in a state of being rather than thinking, and that state is an expression of their unique energetic presence.

How do you figure out what’s going on in an animal’s head and translate that into human language?
Receiving information intuitively is a process that uses all of the senses, including those beyond the five physical senses.  This incoming energetic information comes in through the unconscious mind of the receiver and is then filtered through the body's memory, vocabulary, mental database and stored life experiences. It can be sensed as a vision or mental image, a feeling, emotion, sound, taste or just a very clear knowing or ‘gut feeling’. Once the internal translation process has occurred the conscious mind then becomes aware and interprets the unconscious intuitive information into the human language.


What is that process like?
The process of interspecies communication is very common amongst our ancestors and native cultures. It is very natural for all of us human beings, most of us are just out of practice. It is also very beautiful as it is about the essence of our being connecting deeply with the essence of another being. Our modern culture mostly regards speech-language and the intellect as our highest forms of communication. As a result, many of us have lost touch with this natural ability to communicate intuitively with other species and life forms.

To engage in this type of communication one must tune into the frequency of the being that they intend to communicate with. It is necessary to still the mind and it requires intention, focus, sincerity, respect and empathy. It is very much a process of both the heart and the mind. For those who would like to re-learn this natural skill, like anything learned, it will require practice. When the intuitive muscles have not been used for a long time, they will need to be exercised. One thing you can know for sure however is that we ALL have this powerful sense we call intuition.

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