10 Simple Daily Habits to Develop Intuition

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Exercise Your Intuitive Muscles

Intuition is like a muscle, when used often it becomes stronger and when neglected it weakens. It is commonly known as a sixth sense or a feeling, hence the well-known term your ‘gut feeling’.

Intuition is your connection to your inner power, a higher wisdom and can offer you insights that your logical or linear mind cannot. Intuition is also your source of creativity. It creates a channel for you to express your authentic and unique self. Intuition is an energy emission and energy never lies.

When communicating telepathically with animals or other ‘non-verbal speaking species’ intuition is a very important skill to use. Receiving intuitive information is not a mechanistic science. It’s not a mechanical process. It very much happens in the quantum world, in the vibrational world. Intuitive raw data, also known as energy emissions, land in our unconscious or intuitive mind. It is then up to us to process this data and make it available to our conscious mind where we can then express, use or understand it.

Using your intuition can help you to live a more balanced and happier life, it can help you to make decisions and to communicate more deeply with all other beings both human and non-human. Imagine if you didn’t need an explanation or too much logic and reason to know something, you just feel what's right and trust that knowing. Life then becomes empowered, dynamic and creative.

Following are 11 very easy ways for you to use and improve your intuition:

  1. Body scan – This is a simple exercise that only takes about 60 -90 seconds. Use your awareness to scan your body, pay attention to what you are feeling, is there any blocked energy. Any bodily sensations that might be trying to tell you something? Are you feeling tense or relaxed? Scanning your body to listen to its messages helps you connect to yourself. If you sense an energy block set the intention to relax and release it.
  2. Be in silence – There is a quiet place deep inside all of us. A stillness beyond the busy mind and sense of distractions. Take a moment to know this stillness, to just be, stop and turn off all the noise and distractions around you, and go into a quiet room if need be. Again even if just for one minute (although the longer the better), just pay attention and enjoy the quiet. Our modern lives and culture are designed to constantly engage the mind with distractions and noise. Find a space where there are no distractions, no TV, music, or telephones and just be in that space.
  3. Something to feel about – Think less and feel more. Start switching the common phrases “I’ll think about that” or “That’s something to think about” to “I’ll feel about that” or “That’s something to feel about”. Ask your body what my intuition feels about this.
  4. Snack on grounding food – Going off into an airy fairyland is not connecting with your intuition. Intuition is an energy that comes from within, it is all of your five senses plus more, that is why it is also called your sixth sense. Eating some food that is grounding, such as root vegetables, carrots, sweet potato and more, as well as bananas and macadamia nuts will help to ground you and bring you back into your body so you can access your intuition.shutterstock_282203414
  5. Sit in Nature to Connect and Listen – There are a few ways to enjoy nature. I like to go into Nature to exercise and do things like walk my dog on the beach or go for a swim in the creek. This is great but this is not Nature connection, this is Nature awareness. To connect with Nature and allow your intuitive sense to heighten it is important to find a spot in Nature and sit. Sit and listen without ‘doing’ anything. This is what gives rise to Nature and intuitive connection.
  6. Breathe – Sometimes all it takes is two or three long deep breaths to get out of your head and move into your heart. As you breathe in imagine all of the beauty and magic of life filling you up, and as you breathe out let go of all the mental activity, stress and anxiety that is blocking your flow. Intuition is the language of the heart and the deeper you can drop down into your heart the more you will hear from your sixth sense.
  7. Left brain relaxation time – The left side of your brain is your linear and rational mind. It works best with structure and knowledge, it likes to be busy and to think a lot! Find a technique that works best for you to rest your left brain. It could be an aromatherapy massage, painting, writing, meditation, or listening to gentle music. Find what you enjoy and then practice it regularly. Intuition is the vibration of the right brain hemisphere. Making sense of it or putting it into its linear space is where the left brain becomes useful but other than that, it is best kept at bay.
  8. Journal – Keep a personal journal and use it. This is especially useful if something is bothering you or is “on your mind”. Writing about it will let it out of your system and clear the way for intuition to flow.
  9. Body movement – Dance, yoga, thai chi, martial arts and walking in nature (barefoot is even better) are just a few healthy ways to move your body. I like dance and nature walks. When you move your body, you learn to trust it. Every person’s body works differently. It has a different swagger and rhythm. This is the language that intuition uses to get your attention.
  10. Eat well – Of course! Eating fresh organic whole foods helps you in every area of your life. When you eat processed, chemical-laden junk food you are dulling your energetic receptors and creating stagnant energy. See what happens when you eat fresh foods and watch both your physical and spiritual energy rise!

Your intuition is already sending you messages daily all you need to do is increase your receptive ability, listen and then trust.

I hope these techniques offer you a solid and easy place to begin trusting your intuition and using it in your daily life! Please, let me know if you have any other questions.

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