Online Courses 

The practices and content that I share are designed to develop your inner power and self-awareness by embracing a calm-centred reality that is in harmony with your true nature.

The Path of Intuition

Learn to trust your inner guidance with confidence and clarity.

A four-part self paced online course that will help you master intuition and make it a part of your lifestyle.

Learn to trust your inner guidance with confidence and clarity. Intuition is the voice of your soul. The course content and practices will teach you to remember your innate intuitive wisdom and your heart-centred divine connection with all life. Relax into your natural inner guidance and intuitive communication.

Cost $225.00 AUD 

Early Bird Offer is Now Open Cost $175.00 AUD

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Discover Meditation

Master meditation and make it a part of your daily routine.

A six-module online meditation course that will help you to relax into the practice of meditation so that you can master it and make it an integral part of your lifestyle. These techniques help you to become calm, clear, centred and present. Join this course to develop your self-awareness, deepen your meditation practice, and connect with your higher Self. Tune into higher states of awareness through the Discover Meditation online course.

Cost $75.00 AUD

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Lion Heart Living

Learn to embody the attributes of nature's greatest symbol of inner authority, power and courage. 

In this three-module video online course, Lion Heart Living takes you on a journey of self-discovery, expanding your self-awareness and knowing your intrinsic nature, into the exploration of your inner kingdom of mind and finally, the embodiment of the Lion's heart attributes. The course includes a worksheet and guided meditation practice.

Cost $33.00 AUD

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