Become Electric and Magnetic

develop intuition divine yoga goal setting inner world Jan 02, 2023

Often when we think of goal setting or planning, we look to the outside. However, anything made manifest in all of creation first begins with a thought frequency, followed by energy vibration or wave particles and then, finally, matter. So it is wise to bring our attention to the inner landscape of our being, our thoughts, feelings and energies. Plan and set goals from the inside out.

If you want to enjoy real creative intelligent manifestation, set some goals for your inner world, such as:

  • Peace
  • Love
  • Clarity
  • Joy
  • An Abundance of Energy

This inner wellbeing can then translate into harmonious relationships, connection, health and prosperity.

When you've got peace and love in your heart, that is undisturbed, your mind remains still, and a crystal clarity that can then tune into higher consciousness, higher intelligence and intuition will emerge and meet with these divine creative forces. These forces will then move your ideas through the stages of creation toward manifestation. 

With this harmonious connection of your inner and outer worlds - you will be:

  • Full of Energy
  • Creative
  • Electric
  • Magnetic 

Nothing will stop you from being the divine creative force that you were made to be.

Look within for all answers, direction and wisdom.

Trust and let the Divine be your guide. 

My best, Jenni xx

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