Developing Your Higher Mind

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The Power of Intuition

From the moment that we are born, we are gifted with two powerful forces of knowledge. The first is the power of human logic and reason, and the second is the power of intuition. 

The power of human reason is accompanied by its satellite of sensory perceptions and is mostly developed through social influence, institutional conditioning and personal life experience. The personal mind builds up a storage of information that we later call on, as our memory bank, and the basis of our relative and relational experiences. 

The power of intuition is an inner perception that bridges the gap between the limited human intellect and the unlimited eternal soul. It comes from the creator realm beyond the physical sphere. With so much of our modern days emphasis placed on logic and reason, intuition is often neglected and left underdeveloped.

Intuition is experienced as a part of our feeling nature, it can be a calm fluid flow of creative ideas and inspiration, a deep understanding of complex matters or a clear knowing of what's needed. It is somewhat independent of knowledge that is dependent on the physical sense perceptions or faculty of reason. 

Ideally, we must appreciate and integrate both faculties into our human experience, as together they can provide a powerful combination of knowledge and enlightened service.

Intuitive glimpses are often labelled or experienced as;

  • hunches
  • gut feeling
  • physical sensations
  • direct knowing
  • intense inner feelings
  • premonitions
  • prophetic dreams
  • awareness of another's inner experience
  • crystallisation of past life experiences

Intuition expresses itself in various forms, of which each form reveals to us a different dimension of knowledge.

It begins with our basic level of existence, the inner awareness that is aware of both outer and inner objects of perception. So this includes the external physical world and the inner world of thoughts and feelings. We are all aware that we are aware. You know that you have thoughts and feelings, you are aware of your inner world.

The higher level of intuitive awareness is in the realm of Self-realisation and realising our true nature as pure awareness, eternally conscious and blissful. Pure intuition is self-effulgent, illuminated and all-knowing, blissfully happy simply through our pure spiritual existence, without any dependence on an external reality. independent of any external objects or material reality.

The three levels of intuition manifest as:

1. Crude intuition - this is a part of our wild or instinctive nature. Here we have learned through experience how to live and survive. It is instinctual intuition that can manifest as being 'street smart' or having a hunch that is not disturbed by intellectual input, and often turns out to be right. 

2. Semi-developed Intuition - this comes through experience in a certain profession or area of life where the mind and feelings have become accustomed to knowing the intricacies of a skill or experience, it is in a sense 'second nature' and can give valuable guidance and direction within that specific field or environment. Men of keen understanding and women of pure, undisturbed feeling usually have semi-developed intuition as a result of their untrained but proper development of reason and feeling. Pure reason and calm feelings lead to intuition. Distorted reasoning and emotional feelings obscure intuition.

When Einstein discovered the law of relativity he explained that this extraordinary insight came to him in a flash of intuition. It then took him many years of applied reason and logic to be able to explain this insight in a way that others could also understand.

3. Pure intuition - this is the highest form of spiritual intuition which manifests as purity and clarity. This emerges through the calm, centred and pure heart. It gives us wisdom and deep understandings of spiritual truth, and higher realities. The veils of materialism are thus removed. It is the clarity and purity which allows the sixth sense to emerge. These messages are not self-serving but rather in service to the supreme and the highest good of all.

Ways to Develop Your Intuition

  • Practice, or intentionally exercise your intuitive faculties 
  • Apply and exercise common sense
  • Introspect with regard to your activities and habits, analyse your thoughts and opinions
  • Think deeply about your life experiences, as well as global or outer-worldly events
  • Calmness is essential to keep an open channel of intuitive insights and perceptions
  • Write down your insights, and practice intuitive writing, especially around a problem or issue in your life, this will help the solutions flow
  • Develop a calm inner relationship with yourself, practice witness consciousness and detachment, and allow that calm to flow into outer harmonious relationships
  • Best of all is in developing a daily meditation practice. Learn some tools and techniques that will help you to meditate deeply and to separate your conscious awareness from your personal mind of thoughts and emotions.


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