The Power is Inside You

divine yoga learn meditation the power is inside you true freedom Feb 01, 2023

It is the conversation that you are having with yourself, inside of yourself that determines whether you will feel happy and calm, or stressed and disturbed.

No matter what is happening around you right now, or what has happened in the past, you are always free to choose how to respond.

Peace, calm, love, compassion and understanding, for yourself and others. Or blame, anger, jealousy, revenge and hatred. Grrrrrhhhh, how dare he say that to me, how could they make me feel this way?

Has anyone ever created your thoughts for you? No! Of course not! People or situations can only put the trash into your mind if you let them. The kingdom of your mind is yours to decide what does and does not enter. 

It is the thoughts that you choose that will decide your destiny!

Your inner world of thoughts and feelings is independent of external circumstances. Knowing this is true freedom!

The power is inside you and meditation can help you to elevate your mind and your consciousness toward the divine states and learn to navigate life's natural flow, both the ups and downs with ease and calm.

As you become still and detach from the outer world clarity emerges, a power that shines its torch on the divine truth that is within you, allowing you to see clearly and respond mindfully.  

You will feel better, at ease, knowing that your choices and actions are of the intelligent flow of energies that have emerged and flowed from your inner liberated self. 

Blessings to you!



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