Private Online Sessions and Programs 

Less anxiety, better health and more JOY.

The practices and content that I share are designed to develop your inner power and self-awareness by embracing a calm-centred reality that is in harmony with your true nature. 

1:1Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual coaching is a process that will elevate your state of awareness to see your life and life situation from a higher state of consciousness. Your intuition is your feeling space, it is the whispers from your soul, learning to listen to your inner knowing means tapping into your creativity, clarity and deeper insight for solutions that will serve the highest good of all.​

Areas of concern might include, abundance or prosperity issues (poverty consciousness), relationship conflict, past pain that is difficult to resolve, confusion regarding a way forward or trouble making decisions, not feeling happy or content in life, feeling the need to move forward but not sensing the flow, blocked energies, negative patterns and releasing unhealthy habits and addictions.

Your higher consciousness can guide you through any challenge in life with wisdom, clarity and true purpose.

Book a private 1:1 single session or an 8-week series 'Soulful Awakening' healing program.  

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Journey Deeper Meditation Coaching

Whether you are new to meditation or want to deepen your practice a guided session can benefit you. Together we will practice some of the ancient techniques taught by Paramhansa Yogananda and the trusted lineage of Masters sharing this unique style of Kriya Meditation Yoga.

In a session, you will learn how to relax deeply and prepare your body and mind for feeling the depths of your soul's nature and attunement with superconsciousness. In a personal session, we can address any blockage or resistance present and create a daily sustainable practice that will take your spiritual growth and personal healing journey to a whole new level. 

Meditation is entering the laboratory of soul research. It is healing for body, mind and spirit. Regular practice will promote calm, centred feelings and a healthy response to life, this includes less anxiety, less tension and more JOY. 

​Book a private 1:1 single session or a 4-week series of 'Journey Deeper' private program.


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Soulful Awakening

Explore the depths of your inner world and journey deeper into your inner landscape. Taking the journey inward is like opening yourself up to a flow of inspiration, revelations, intuitive knowledge and deep profound wisdom.

Soulful Awakening is an 8-week private program that helps you tap into your true Soul nature and intuitive wisdom. Creating an inner-directed life that manifests as healthy boundaries, deep peace, trust and freedom. 

Learn to lean on your inner guidance and find strength and wisdom from within. Know your true Self and move beyond the old tricks of the little ego into a more expanded, joyful and harmonious way of being.

This training is a practical and experiential journey of inner exploration. Uncover the essence of your true nature, unravel the threads of your deeper life purpose, hone your intuitive wisdom and become a conduit for the divine.

An 8-week intensive journey that is deeply personal and awakening.

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Learn Intuitive Animal Communication

This 8-module training is a practical and experiential journey, of learning to listen to the hearts and minds of your animal friends.

This private, customized training is designed for people who would like to develop and hone their intuitive communication skills in a private, experiential environment. It consists of eight private training and practice hours with Jenni. 

The eight hours can be spread out in 8 x 1-hour increments over four or eight weeks. Space in between the lessons allows time for integration and deeper attunement to the skills learned.

This training is ideal for those who want to learn in a one-on-one setting and practice the skills, tools and techniques of centring yourself and communicating with animals in a language without words. 

Personalised practice and communication experience make up much of the training and feedback is offered live on the calls. The sessions allow you to explore and develop your innate intuitive skills, and help you to practice the art of telepathic communication.

Training is designed to be enjoyable and heart-centred, respecting the animals and the journey you are on. 

An 8-week experiential training journey for anyone who wants to embody the art of intuitive animal communication.

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