Doing the Inner Work

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Have you ever accomplished a wonderful goal only to find that the satisfaction is short-lived and you begin to feel empty or lost again? Have you ever thought that you had discovered the ultimate dream - a job, a person, a product that was going to make your life well and happy, only to find that soon after it didn't work out that way and your triggers are now being pressed? You might even have wished that it never happened! This is the world of outer dependency. It is like a painful roller coaster ride. 

Or, even with all of this beauty and wonder surrounding your life do you sometimes feel that something much deeper is missing?

You need to jump off the roller of confusion and start to look inside. That is what I call doing the inner work. It is never about the 'other' or what happened out there, no buts, I mean it, NEVER.

Hard to swallow in the beginning I know, but the initial struggle is worth it. It is so worth it. It is the only way to liberation, eternal joy and a much richer, deeper and REAL relationship with yourself, others and the Higher Power that is ultimately governing our lives. 

Maybe you are deep down in the grunge and amid a dark night of the soul, a spiritual cleansing, and that which you are releasing is wreaking havoc. Stay with the process. Continue to let go and do not resist. You might just be on the verge of a beautiful awakening.

The spiritual path is quite often not so easy but it is the only way toward lasting truth and fulfilment, a connection so profound and strong that it can and will never waver. Transparency, purification and liberation, are that which bring all-purpose, meaning and satisfaction to life. It is the truth of wholeness that we seek, the truth of what we truly already are. This can only be found by looking within and shedding the layers of conditioning, the painful realities that we've buried deep inside that are now veiling the divine self and the ocean of pure awareness.

Innately we all want to connect, we are made to love, shine and live in harmony with each other and the natural world. 

It is a delusion to think that our connection and happiness can be found in the outer world. By trying to seek pleasure and avoid pain in this phenomenal world of duality we only increase its power over us and vacillate between one and the other. The way out and beyond is in the transcendence of our limitations, our illusion of separateness and our habitually conditioned realities. It is in peeling off the layers through deep introspection and meditation

Doing the inner work is the true path of Yoga. I call it Divine Yoga because it is the nature of the Divine that we all seek. Whether we know it or not we are longing to reconnect with our own soul and ultimately with the Divine. Yoga means union, to unite the individual soul with the Supreme Soul.

In union, we move beyond the limited perception of duality and into the vast ocean of eternal bliss, consciousness and well-being. We find our way home back home, back home to Spirit. 

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