Ego or Intuition?

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How do I know if it is my ego or intuition?

What the ego really cares about is its survival. It cares about separating itself from the other. It is a false concept that we have made up about ourselves from early childhood.

The human ego serves a purpose for us, and that purpose is to understand oneness. We can learn about oneness through its opposing and apparent separateness. Ego is not an enemy, but rather a practice of perspective. It gives us the opportunity to experience our individuality and express ourselves in this life.

The ego lives and feeds off anxiety, fear, judgement, attachments and resistance, and so the problem begins when the voice of the ego is in control of you rather than the other way around. 

As a species, we seem to have lost our connection with our true selves and fallen trap to this survival-based ego identity and its preservation.

When talking about spirituality it is incredibly important to learn to distinguish between the voice of ego and intuition, which is the voice of the true self.

Having awareness of the ego is the starting point. By becoming the observer and stepping outside of the ego's chaotic melodrama, you are now seated in your true self and watching the ego do its thing. 

Once you are at that point you can distinguish what is the voice of your ego and what is the voice of your intuition. 

Having this self-awareness you can learn not to cave into the voice of your ego and the urges, desires and cravings that it is trying to pull you toward, and instead give your power and attention over to the voice of intuition.

The ego voice likes to take full control and advantage of its free will. The intuitive voice will not come across in such a demanding way.

The voice of intuition will be very quick, it's usually the first thing that comes to mind, it is gentle yet powerful, and has a transcendental peacefulness to it.

The voice of intuition communicates through calm feelings. It is coming from your higher Self and therefore it doesn't have the burden of emotional ties, fears and attachments like the voice of the ego does. It is usually quick and even spontaneous. With practice, detachment and discernment you will learn to just feel it and know it to be a divine message or truth.

There will never be any fear involved in a message from your intuition. Even a message of warning will come with a calm and patient tone or feeling.

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