The Power of a Tranquil Mind

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The Power of a Tranquil Mind

Finding inner tranquillity, the true bliss of your peaceful nature that is intrinsic to your inner essence, and in harmony with life, takes a little practice.

At first glance, your mind might say, what? Inner peace, with the voice in my head and its constant inner chatter, its restlessness and the chaotic world in which we live, how can I ever find inner peace? 

But rest assured, the busy mind is a circumstance of habit and old thinking patterns. Once centred in your abiding truth, the chaotic world or the restless mind, need not shake you off-centre anymore.

Meditation is central to the power of a tranquil mind. All manifestation begins within the mindscape, and meditation helps to purify and cleanse the habit patterns of your mind so that it is working for you and not against you.

It just takes a little practice and self-effort. This is why meditation is called a practice. And a little each day does go a long way!

The first step is in overcoming the voice that is saying "Oh that quiet introspection and meditation time, what the yogis do for many hours each day - I am too busy for that, I don't have time, I cannot sit still - don't be silly the world out there needs my attention, oh I have other practices - I can meditate when I am surfing or drinking my cup of afternoon tea, that should do it!." Although these are certainly beneficial and great ways to enjoy nature, time out, relaxation and re-centre yourself they are not quite the same as the stillness and peace found in the subtle realms of meditation.

The personal mind can find endless excuses to avoid its very own transcendence and inner stillness. The ego-mind wants to survive, it doesn't want to be set aside and replaced with a sense of unity, connection, harmony, peace and bliss - it wants to remain chaotic and in control, but what about you - the real you who is experiencing the chaos and the peace, which do you truly prefer?

Clarity, tranquillity, enhanced creativity, inner peace, and an ongoing state of total health and well-being are all available to you when you embrace a daily spiritual practice, nurture positive habits, and cultivate a balanced lifestyle that prioritises self-care and growth. 

Paramahansa Yogananda said that meditation is entering the laboratory of your soul, and the soul loves to meditate for in contact with the Spirit lies its greatest joy.

I can help you to create a meditation practice that serves your mind, spirit and lifestyle. 

The Journey Deeper Meditation coaching program is a journey toward inner serenity and profound self-discovery, where clarity, tranquillity and enhanced creativity move through you with every breath.

Join me in my Journey Deeper 1:1 Meditation sessions, either as a once-off or as a four-session program and discover your inner calm by developing a practice that you love.

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