Beyond Anxiety Now - Let Go and Be Present

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It is natural to feel fear and anxiety when there is a lion or a venomous snake right before you snarling and giving you death snares. We have an inbuilt self-preservation system, an instinct to protect this precious gift that flows within us, the gift of Life. Therefore in such a situation, the alarm bells may start to rattle through your nervous system sending you an inner message of danger and letting you know that a call to action is now required.

Anxiety in our day-to-day modern life, although common, is not at all our natural state but rather quite disturbing and sometimes even destructive. How to manage feelings of anxiety, burn-out and stress is popular talk, and people are adopting many different methods to try and feel better. 

Anxiety is a state that you can arrive at when energies inside of you become overwhelming and all-consuming. These energies create an experience of disturbed feelings that are characterised by worried thoughts based on concern about what might happen in the future, usually regarding a particular situation. These thoughts are projecting into the future and creating an illusory reality that is causing you to experience unpleasant feelings in the now.

Anxiety is not a natural state or a normal condition that we must learn to live with. Rather, it is an abnormal state that manifests due to certain kinds of negative thinking patterns that we have adopted in reaction to our past experiences and wrongly accepted as being a normal part of life.

Responding to these abnormal states of stress and anxiety by managing or medicating the symptoms such as indulging in addictive behaviour or a quick-fix pill,  does not work with the cause of their presence. It is the habituated thinking patterns and fears of the future, that lead to anxiety, tension and stress triggers, even in the complete absence of any real threat, like a lion or an inland taipan snake.

To move beyond anxiety or any other stressful inner disturbance such as anger, greed and hate is a spiritual practice. We must learn to stay present, witness and embrace the inner experience just as it is, without any reaction such as making it wrong, or bad or blaming the past, or someone from the past for what is our present reality. This inner observation is very powerful as your calm attention naturally transmutes these negative energy patterns and they begin to dissolve creating lasting change within yourself and your habitual thought patterns. 

5 Minute Guided Meditation and Practice to Go Beyond Anxiety Now- Let Go and Be Present 

Everything changes on a subatomic level based on the observer effect. So if your intention is to wake up whatever you are observing within you is going to change. The practice of letting go is in your ability to embrace what is the reality at this moment, without wishing it was anything different, and observing the inner experience of your reality until your attention transmutes it. 

Your true nature, beyond anxiety, is peaceful, calm and full of joy. When you look deep inside, beyond the superficial conditioned layers of your thinking patterns, you will most definitely find peace. You just have to look in the right place, and that is inside and not out. That is why we call it 'inner' peace. You may not be able to control an external situation but you can choose to remain calm, centred and relaxed on the inside, even when thoughts and feelings of anxiety or any other disturbance arise within you. This is the practice of becoming the observer, or witness consciousness, and the more you practice this, the more you will transcend unpleasant states and conditions of the mind.

This is the art of letting go which will lessen the frequency and power of those unpleasant habit patterns of stress, negativity and anxiety and pave the way for your true nature to emerge. That is deep healing.

Here is the beauty. You have power! You have ingrained within you the power of will, and you can direct your own attention, focus and energy flow in whichever way you choose. I am not teaching you to suppress or express uncomfortable feelings, as this gives more energy to the negative patterns,  but rather to release them by reattuning to your true self and returning your focus home to your true divine nature, which is peaceful and joyful, right now in this very moment.

Anxiety-producing thoughts are not grounded in the now and since they are not in the now they are not based on reality or truth. Anxiety comes when a person is trying to control a potential future outcome, or dwelling on regrets of a past experience, neither of which are based on truth and in the present moment. 

This kind of anxiety is more of a habituated set of thinking patterns, a mind that is not in control, rather than a true threat based on reality. These psychophysiological disorders have become accepted and even conditioned within our society as a normal response to life. But they are not normal or natural as they are not based on the present moment reality, making them self-deceiving and delusive.

Learning to tap into your superconscious state of awareness, beyond the subconscious abyss of patterns and conditioned thinking, is what brings you into the present moment. Here you know what to do. Intuition becomes your guide and you can navigate through life with a calm-centred reality, and a feeling of ease.

Look within and you will see that behind the conditioned layers of stress, anxiety and any uncomfortable feelings that are disturbing you, there is a reservoir of deep peace and stillness. A beautiful state of unconditional joy and wellness.

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