Clear your Channel with Divine Introspection

beginners meditation clearing the channel divine yoga energy clearing introspection self-realsiation Mar 22, 2023

Introspection can be a challenging time as it can bring to the surface inner realities that are difficult to face. However, it is deeply rewarding as it can allow us to change, by letting go of those darker feelings and move on to a happier, more positive, connected, expansive and deeply intuitive reality.

Every thought that you have has a direct impact on how you feel, how you respond to life and how you see and experience the world around you. Your thoughts have a direct impact on the quality of your life.

But can we choose our thoughts, and really control them?

If we could then that would be the inner work done, we would choose only divine thoughts, and be enlightened!  We are either moving toward or away from the divine, and the path begins with our thoughts.

My thoughts create my consciousness, my consciousness creates my awareness and my awareness shapes my attitudes, actions and the way that I see this world. This also determines which way we are moving on the spiritual path, which is either toward or away from the divine.

The inner path of self-inquiry is what helps us to choose and direct our energies more consciously.

We cannot control the conditioned thought patterns that bubble up from the subconscious to the conscious mind, no. They just drop in literally looking for a place to go, to be set free.

So what to do with these unwanted subconscious shadow thoughts?

We can either express, suppress or release those bubbling energy patterns that like to surface, usually from past experience, toward our conscious awareness.

If they are expressed, this can be known as a 're-action' or a triggered response. This may feel out of control, or automatic, self-righteous and can give rise to negative emotions such as anger, frustration, and other recipes for pain. A life lived on auto-pilot is neither creative nor fulfilling, as it can feel encased and contained.

If they are suppressed, we push them back down to where they came from, waiting for a new trigger to pull them back up again so we can feel the pain or distraction and hopefully do something about it. 

To be released is what will create the ideal space for change and transformation. This means we are not sending that energy outward into the world (from the lower energy centres), but rather we are sending it upward, toward our higher mind or Self, to the seat of superconsciousness at the spiritual eye to be powerfully transformed with your inner illumination. This is a process of surrender, of breathing deeply and letting go, allowing for change, power, divine intervention and new possibilities to unfold. Now we are clearing the channel!

With introspection and meditation, we learn to become the conscious observer, or in a state of witness consciousness Here we can 'objectively see' the patterns as they arise and choose what to do with them more wisely as they bubble up to looking for either, expression, suppression or release. 

Those unwanted negative, critical, fearful, sabotaging thoughts usually just drop in of their own accord. It can be spontaneous, psychology might call it a 'trigger'.

Our job, as pure consciousness, is to catch them and say, hey this is my harmonious abode of clarity and peace, you are not in resonance, it is time to leave. The process is loving and kind to the self, as resistance or fighting with the personal mind just doesn't work. 

Easier said than done, perhaps?

That's because, quite often, we've already gone down the rabbit hole of depression, anxiety, fear, doubt, dread, helplessness, shame, and so on, before we notice the thoughts that have taken us there. 

As you practice introspection and watching your own thoughts, with the wisdom of self-inquiry, you can nip those untruths that make you feel miserable or hold you back from your highest potential, in the bud very quickly. 

That is doing the inner work. Clearing out the painful shadow patterns and the darkness that is not divine truth or in alignment with your true nature. 

Hence, it is so important to become conscious of our thoughts. To be calm and present, and to tune into the witness consciousness of the objective observer.

With divine blessings,

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