What is Healing?

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Healing is such a buzzword in the wellness industry, and rightly so. It reflects our ability to move away from the mundane, away from stress, pain and ignorance toward higher awareness, purpose and meaningful goals in life. 

Healing is also a multi-dimensional experience. Just as we are multi-dimensional beings we are healing on many levels, from the gross physical body right through to the subtler aspects, mind and emotion, until finally, we reach the most subtle, the source of healing itself, the Pure Spirit. 

I was recently in a car accident, nothing serious but the hit from behind gave my neck a jolt into that so well-known physical trauma - whiplash. 

Whenever challenged by a physical ailment I quite enjoy the process of learning and recovery. Inflammation is most often the cause behind all bodily aches and pains and turmeric is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory foods we can eat, so now I'm not just eating turmeric, I'm devouring it daily with this delicious anti-inflammatory smoothie amongst other things.

This brings me full circle to what I really wanted to say. These are not my words, they are the words of an enlightened master, "You do not Heal, You are Healing." A healer may express their learnings and skills but ultimately it is the transference of consciousness that is doing the work. We are always in a state of giving and receiving energy, and learning to be mindful of our own energy is a great place to start playing the healing game right.

Traversing the inner life is how we can learn to manage our own energies and deeply heal on all levels.  Through meditation, we create for ourselves that sacred space, stillness and calm to lift our own frequency into the healing scape, away from the mundane and into everlasting joy and bliss, where all is well, One and sublime.

Tumeric is medicine for your body. Meditation is medicine for your mind and soul.

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