What Role Does Meditation Play in Life?

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There is a huge buzz about meditation and many people swear by it. And yet some people think that sitting and doing nothing is a waste of time. So many of us need to learn how to be still. When the mind is jumping hoops and peeling bananas like a monkey in a circus, so much valuable energy and intelligence can be wasted. Hence the well-known Buddhist term - the monkey mind.

In Yoga, they say that meditation is the very thing that will remove all of the obstacles, weaknesses problems, pains and sufferings from your system.  It is like medicine for the mind, a medical treatment, a practice that will train the mind to be quiet, to be still and no longer distracted by the incessant activity of thoughts, thinking and sensory stimulation. 

Learning to be still, withdraw the senses from the outside world, and focus and concentrate the mind is a practice, a training. It is like taming the wild monkey from its intoxication with thoughts of bananas. Your desirous thoughts may not be bananas they may be something else, the point is that an untrained mind will jump all over the place, from one desire to the next, one need, worry, memory to the next. Most often its default mode is that of negativity and fear. This will be causing you to feel stress, anxiety, and concern for the future, and at the root, you will lack presence and attention to the present moment.

Meditation, when done regularly and properly can lead you into heightened states of expanded awareness, clarity, intuition, inspiration and joy. These experiences and expressions of life are available to us all. It is not just a gift for a select few. It is something we can learn to cultivate through the practice of yoga and meditation.

If the mind is not focused it can be useless. A focused mind is clear and present on the task at hand - it is engaged with full attention in conversation with another, and in any form of activity like creative art, eating, walking in nature, doing your job and so on.

Cultivating a meditative mind is one of life's most precious states of being as it not only brings about a centred calm state from within you, it activates a flow of energy a deep love from your innermost core, an inspiration that can express itself outwardly toward others, and into the world because it is no longer being blocked and hidden by self-centred, self-conscious worry and concern. 

The human mind when present, still, clear and tame can be a truly beautiful place.

I hope this will inspire you to cultivate a daily practice of being still and mastering your mind to create a truly divine life.

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